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Treble is a whole new approach to business networking that helps you leverage the trusted contacts within your inner circle to make more productive introductions and referrals.

To treble means to triple. And that’s what we do. We triple the power of your professional network.

Treble encourages the trusted people in your business network to help you succeed. It’s a business network, not a social network. A CRM for your business network – a Network Relationship Manager (NRM) that empowers you to efficiently engage, nurture and, most importantly, leverage your trusted network to generate new business opportunities and advance your career.

While LinkedIn and other social networks focus on self-promotion in the hope that it leads to opportunities, Treble leverages your existing, trusted network. Our “Wish Engine” lets your network know exactly what you are looking for and gives your trusted contacts the ability to help you achieve your goals. Treble helps you leverage your professional network to find new business and career opportunities. And, you can pay it forward by helping your network out in return.

Treble was born out of the life lessons of our founders who realized that there wasn’t a software platform for true networking. Managing introductions and referrals via email is challenging and typical networking events often prove frustrating and highly inefficient. We created Treble with the tools great networkers need and we built our solution so anyone can become a great networker.

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